In early January of 2013 we received an email from a delightful young couple from Barcelona who were touring the US for several months. They said they were very interested in opisthobranchs, that they were part of "Catalan Opisthobranch Research Group" ( They had seen our website and wanted to dive the North T-Pier in Morro Bay. Gary and I weren't able to do the dive with them but we gave them all the necessary information (who to ask for permission, tides, entry, exit, local dive shops, etc.). They did three dives, February 16 and 17, and March 2, 2013. They saw and photographed 21 nudibranch species (only seven less than we have seen in more than 20 years of diving the pier!!). What a testimonial to young eyes!!! We put some of their photos in our nudibranch gallery. Here are links to their photos and their blog. By the way, the blog is in Catalan but you will get the idea!! They called the dive "a spectacle" and we enthusiastically agree.
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