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Habitat - Animals Living in or on Man-Made Discarded Junk
"One man's junk is anemone shelter"
Quotation from Wharf exhibit, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Two little metridium anemones fighting for survival on a Bud beer bottle
Fringehead blenny tidying up his PVC pipe home
Fringehead living in recently discarded rum bottle
Home sweet home
Sandy-headed fringehead living at edge of tire
Fringehead in heavily encrusted pipe or bottle
Fringehead in discarded junk
Fringehead in junk
Life at the edge of a tire
Rich growth on discarded object at edge of pier
Rich life in tire
One-spot blenny in unidentified junk
Blenny trying to find the answer in a liquor bottle
Fringehead in bottle
Fringehead in encrusted pipe
Greenling in pipe
Tiny snail on Gallo wine bottle
Sarcastic fringehead in unidentified junk
Yellowfin fringehead in a PVC tube with a length of wire through it
Ten feet from edge of pier - barren
Animals Living on or Among Other Animals
Octopus in bryozoan on piling
Two Hermissenda nudibranchs on sheep crab
Metridium anemone growing on clam siphon
Anemones living in red bryozoan
Crab in red bryozoan
Hermissenda with hermit crab in background
Hermissenda on red bryozoan next to giant starfish
Shrimp on red starfish
Living and feeding barnacles living on hermit crab. There is also an Acanthodoris rhodoceras nudibranc on the clam siphon, and a shrimp in the lower right corner of the frame
Acorn barnacle in corynactis anemones
Acorn barnacle in corynactis anemones
Black-eyed goby on red bryozoan
Hermissenda nudibranch on horseneck clam siphon
Aeolidia papillosa nudibranch crawling over small sand dab
Anemones in bryozoan
Gold metridium, red bryozoan, horseneck clam siphon
Anemone in bryozoan
Different Species in Close Contact
Blackeyed goby with Hermissenda
Triopha maculata above, Hermissenda crassicornis below
Hermissenda crassicornis above, Triopha catalinae below
No privacy!  Small voyeur Hermissenda observing mating Acanthodoris lutae
Janolus and Hermissenda
Fringehead with small Hermissenda on edge of bottle
Hermissenda and Dendronotus nudibranchs on mesh net
Triopha maculata with small Acanthodoris rhodoceras (lower left)
Hermissenda and trilineata nudibranchs square off
Triopha maculata about to crush a little Hermissenda
Acorn barnacle next to horseneck clam siphon
Fringehead with crab
Triopha maculata nudibranch crawling on sea star arms
Octopus with two nudibranchs
Hermissenda nudibranch on gold metridium anemone
Triopha maculata with curious pipefish looking on
Groups of the Same Species
Squadron of Hermissendas on red bryozoan
Tailing Acanthodoris lutae nudibranchs
Three Hermissendas
Family of three Hermissendas
Two color variations of Hermissenda
Hermissenda nudibranch laying eggs
White and gold metridium anemones on piling
Different color variations of corynactis anemones on piling
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