The bottles under the pier are quickly encrusted so it is unusual to come across one that is not, one that was recently discarded. I was under the "stem" of the North T-Pier when I saw this nice clear Parrot Bay rum bottle. Then I noticed some movement inside it, and realized I was looking at the new home for a onespot fringehead. I maneuvered around to the front of the bottle and waited until the fish appeared (they usually can't resist checking out the giant bubble-blowing creature in front of them). This image, with the fish peeking out of the bottle and the label visible, has become a big favorite. There is some sadness to this image also. This bottle showed up in the pile of bottles removed in one of the infamous underwater "cleanups" that a group of local divers feel compelled to do from time to time. One of our friends at the Harbor Department, where a print of this image was on display, recognized the rum bottle in the pile, pulled it out, and photographed it alongside the print. Gary and I have gotten into some ugly battles with the cleanup fanatics over these ill-advised "cleanups". One has to wonder what benefit accrued to whom when this bottle, an excellent home for this little fish, was removed.

                                                                                    Ken Bondy

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