We occasionally see pipefish both under the pier and outside in the eelgrass just to the east and west of the pier stem. Pipefish are fascinating little animals. Once you come across one (or several, they are often in groups) you can have your photographic way with them. Their defense is camouflage, they just stay put and try to fool you by looking like a blade of kelp. Photographically, our typical view is from the side (see Gary's magnificent golden pipefish in the red bryozoan), they are so slender they almost disappear from the front. But not this one. This little guy seemed curious and tried to stare me down. That must be frightening for a prey animal like this, looking right into a lens port that resembles a big open mouth. I have always loved the way the eyes are cocked in this image, it can be interpreted so many ways.
                                                                                              Ken Bondy

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