Nudibranchs and fringehead blennies are the stars of all the critters we see under the piers, and of the nudibranchs, the most beautiful is the stunning Antiopella barbarensis, which may well be the most beautiful critter in the world. Imagine my surprise when during a recent dive, I came across a large A. barbarensis, well positioned, and as I was maneuvering for a good photographic angle, I noticed the funny little face of a sarcastic fringehead peeking out of a heavily encrusted bottle just behind the nudibranch. The fish was looking down on the inedible snail as if irritated it was in his prey space. I knew I had something good going on here and I spent a lot of time with the unlikely pair, getting different angles and waiting patiently while the fish decided to reappear. This image was the best of the sequence. It was taken on September 5, 2012, and even though it is a very recent, new image, it is sure to become one of my alltime favorites. You just don't see something like this very often.

                                                                                              Ken Bondy

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