This nudibranch, Hermissenda opalescens, is ubiquitous (I always wanted to use that word in a sentence thought I'm not completely sure what it means). But I think it means something that's everywhere and that really applies to this beautiful nudibranch. There are thousands of them under the Morro Bay T-Pier. The pier is a Hermissenda metropolis. I can't imagine that the T-Pier doesn't house the largest congregation of Hermissenda nudibranchs in the world. There was a time when Ken and I tried to not take any more pictures of them, since we already had thousands of images. But that lasted no longer than a glass of wine at the Harbor Hut. They are too beautiful, and we would always come across one posed in a slightly different way, so 'click'. Ken and I must have the world's largest collection of Hermissenda nudibranch pictures and as soon as we get back under the pier, we will undoubtedly add to this marine horde.

                                                                                                                    Gary Powell