One of the smallest nudibranchs we encounter in Morro Bay (certainly the skinniest) is this diminutive beauty, Flabellina orienthella. It is also know as the three-lined aeolid, after three white lines that extend the length of its body. The white rhinophores are tipped in orange as can be seen here. We often see them attached to kelp or eel grass swaying in the current. This nudibranch presented me with a face shot, which I appreciated. This specimen might be an inch in length and about 1/4 inch from its oral tentacles to the top of its rhinophores. In other words, tiny. I love the detail on the rhinophores in this image and the deep red of its cerata. F. orienthella are fairly common under the T-Pier in Morro Bay. But it takes a clear day (clean water) often to be able to find them. When Ken or I see one, we always appreciate their beauty.

                                                                                                                      Gary Powell